Bard Aposoulypse

by Jackson Whalan

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"I want other people to be uplifted, to be elevated at all times, to be inspired. I am a messenger-poet for the soul, I am a hip-hop artist. For me, hip-hop is a way of life, something that you live every moment, regardless of the circumstances of the external world. I would like to see how deep I can take that. Hip-hop for me is awareness, movement, love, truth, spirituality, philosophy, consciousness... all at the same time when its being expressed. Hip-Hop is everything. It's more than just music, it's something you live. People are sick of the same thing over and over... I want to bring something never before seen or heard. I am committed to being the messenger of a new reality in my rhymes, one that makes sense, creating extraordinary music to bring people out of the ordinary into a world of joy and possibility. The songs on Bard Aposoulypse are a synergy of when I first began to rap and produce, and where I am now; they reflect my personal story and the story of others, and they also represent what I am committed to. I am committed to living hip-hop, and sharing that with everyone. I hope that Bard Aposoulypse will be heard by a wide range of people from all walks, enjoyed, shared, and celebrated, and all of of that is just a bonus to the blessing of being able to create music and having fun in the whole process, from beginning to end, from the heart."-- Jackson Whalan


released 21 March 2014

Jackson Whalan 2014
Production Assistance: Robby Baier and Substation Studio
Mastering by Will Schillinger at Pilot Studios
Mastering for On You. feat Mama Crow by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities
Album Artwork by Rob Ulsan (Supersillyus)

Special thanks to Soultube Music, Planet Cognac, Technicolor Lenses, David Schommer and Sounds of the Mushroom, Dave Eggar, Hammerstep, Regi Wingo, Allium Restaurant, family, friends, collaborators, and mentors.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Real You
Boom to the bap to the drum to the track/To the thought the idea like this beat what is that?/ Future is an if while the past in a myth, but I'm feeling that a higher meaning has to exist/Persist as I drift with a gift to uplift/Past diamonds on a wrist/True happiness/Elevate the vibe as I speak from inside/It's the power of this beat, the method of the mind/Trying to warn yah, eye inside the storm/And you better never let them stop yah/American dream, a re-run soap opera/ Searching for the light... Candelabra/ I'm with the girl that I like like a girlfriend/Though we're all caught up in this whirlwind/both going down the road swerving/ And she's beautiful like the world turning...

To the real you sitting in the background
Everything moving real fast now
Want to be heard keep your voice loud
Until the whole world hears what you say now

Loud like that, so we can stand proud/Deep in the crowd until the answer is found/See the clouds shroud the horizon?/Everyday seems so surprising/Trying to see the silver lining/In a broken system falling as we're climbing/Economic destruction a record that is off-beat/Moving in a mob-deep building crushing Wall Street/She winks and I know what she's thinking, hoisting sails on a boat that is sinking/Love I'm bringing, freedom singing/ About unfinished work like Abraham Lincoln/ Unite as a force of empowerment/So the powers that be let go of the government/Greed is rotten forgotten for profit/My real love to the real you... you got it?



Track Name: Make It
I wanna make it
I'm gonna make it

I'm making sacrifices, I've got the rappers-itis/ I'm twice as nice as Macklemore the heist is/But I'm working in a restaurant, watch me fold a napkin/Bus a table, polish a glass and re-rack it/Sweeping and mopping under tables and chairs/Getting tipped out, and counting up my shares/
Forget about the newest phone, I'm paying student loans/ Can't afford rent , living in my parents home/ Interning in a studio for free/Losing money on a show just so people can see/ That I've got real skills and I'm a symbol for hope/ Many youth in my hometown destroyed by dope/So I'm shooting dope rhymes/ Peace to all the loved ones who passed away, inspiration save the day/ Success is so close I can taste it/ As I face it embrace it and chase it...


I want to elevate the music to a higher state/Waiting is just time wasting why procrastinate?/I'm motivating, awakening and culminating/Into this game illusion of fame is fascinating/ Ending up in a room with all my idols/Played thousands of shows and rhyme recitals/Blessed by large crowds and honored by applauding audiences/ Counting of all of my accomplishments/Not always a budget and it's obvious/But I'm staying positive regardless of where the profit is/Bard Aposoulypse- martyr for every other artistan/Doing it for the money, or living it for the opposite/Empower the 100% with the rhymes I invent/Eloquent I'm my element with my heart in it/ Staying intent on making a dent/When I'm gone, you'll know where I went...

Track Name: Hapen
Gossip happens, talking while I'm rapping in passionate action/ Love gaining traction collective reaction/ Now the everlasting with angels dispatching/ Crossing paths and crafting a continuous caption, imagine/ Super unspoken stoked and heartbroken taken a token/ Drama soaked in lost hope and better rope the boat in/ Now your toastin' limping loafing/Soul stolen not your opponent, don't condone it self you own it/ Noticing the boasting dosed in a liquid ocean/Devotion is the purest notion/What are you supposing or just posing?/Alone in a omen I'm a rogue of emotion/Time is frozen in days of olden, shaping molding the moment/Making it getting it going, not battle, truth in all sides of the fractal/Sacred praise, like cattle in India/Gettin' into yah, blowing up but is being gifted enough?
Track Name: It
Chase love, face love in the name of brave love, disgrace love embrace love and waste love, Regenerate love hate love appreciate love do not wait love integrate this great love, what we're made of celebrate love investigate love contemplate love imitate love set it straight love we gave love never trade love never trade love never betrayed always obeyed love pave the way love night and day love demonstrate love elevate love same innate love delegate love can't flake love shake love never replace love how can we pace love make mistakes and break love this is awake love cook and bake love rearrange and reshape love resonate love I want to save love no brain love watch me spank love raise the stakes love...

I need it, receive it, believe it, believe it...

Respect love sex love could wreck love but never sweat love sweet love trying to get the rest love always search for the best of love or the next love quest-love what a mess love address love undress caress love to continue to express love under my chest love never less love masculine and feminine love we were blessed love cuz we confessed love death love in the nest love can't correct love only direct love inject love neglect love collect love I wanna get some non-GMO local organic fresh love pregnancy test-love big booty and breast love never digress love no intellect love every breath every step love no second guess love unless it gets complex love hit em with a little bit of the perfect love newest trend love as we bend and blend love how could we end love and turn it in to a friend love and still send love?
Track Name: Bless In
Track Name: Notebook
I must say that I'm frustrated and I can't take it/The only way to alleviate it is to just say it/So I write it down and now I'm feeling better/Rhymes clever help me cope with whatever comes up/All the impressions that cross my mind turn into a lyrical line helping me feel fine/And keep it real because it's time/Leaving troubles behind and pen and paper combine/Enter the shrine, writing and repeating a phrase over and over/ With composure, now I'm feeling motivated/Seeking to channel the sacred and leave people activated/Acclimated, to writing rhymes on these pages/I was called to be an mc when I was eleven years old to have my story be told/Be bold in a world that is cold/Taking notes as pages fold, searching for rhymes made of gold...

I turn to the pages in my notebook
Big plans in my notebook
Writing songs in my notebook
Being strong in my notebook
Look at you in my notebook
Big secrets in my notebook
All love in my notebook
It's all perfect in my notebook
I save the world in my notebook
I'm writing rhymes in my notebook [x2]
It's hip-hop in my notebook

Digging through crates and baskets of notebooks/From years past my word is all that will last/Back when I was strange and crazy/Or letting sadness phase me/ I needed writing to save me/ From destructive paths I would have crashed fast/Without my craft and let my emotions all splash/Through this ink as I scribe and scribble words/Every rhyme a surprise helping me feel awake and alive/Discovering my drive, new ideas arrive/Sometimes I'm deprived, writers block might just stop/Inspiration is the shock so much in stock/Flock to it be a fluent hip-hop student/Joining a worldwide movement/Letting go of fear and pursue it nothing to it just do it [just do it]

I want you to be in my notebook
I want you to see in my notebook
I want you to know in my notebook
I want you to go in my notebook
I want you to flow in my notebook
I want you to dance in my notebook
I want you to write in my notebook
You're gonna be aright in my notebook
Rhyming tight in my notebook
I'm taking flight in my notebook
I bring the light in my notebook
Coffee stain in my notebook
Track Name: Seer
No one to blame for senseless games relentless aims/Demented brains, lies that come in all strains/Reality rearranges what the scientist explains/Mainstream maintains fame of the lame/Every good person turns into a cinderella/With a momentary chance like Nelson Mandela/I'm in a mandala rhyming walking on lava/To reach the foothills of mobsters impostors and robbers/Climbing to Dalai Lamas and scholars/Without concern of being ballers with dollars/Shifting the fickle systems of commerce/Getting grilled like bratwurst calling out lies that got worse/Change the law first, give water not thirst/I'm a threat representing the hip-hop church/I'm my learning knowledge does reign supreme/So I look to wake up from this brainless dream and see the truth...

Physical bodies will expire so I spit eternal fire/Like a cremation pyre, needs are dire/To eradicate suffering and be what we admire/Play me like a lyre but I will never retire/Big up to every freedom fighter, going hard like hard cider/Rhyme-writer reciter bring a style tighter/With a medicinal formula to calm the storm in yah/Bright like aurora or a manora you're an orbit of love/Abandon you hat and matching sweater/Get your actual act together it's not whatever/Not so clever as you thought you once were/Not so sure, give your worldview a stir/Instead of living lies keeping truth in a blur/In your senses like frankenense and myrhh/ I give you what I know that you know so concur/To this you can refer...
Track Name: On You (feat. Mama Crow)
[Hook- Mama Crow]
What you've got to prove?
All you've got to do... x2

Clock is ticking I'm taking my time when I'm making a rhyme/Reciting it tight and then bringing the light in with all of my might, making it right/Nourishing like a vitamin fruit is ripe and you better be biting instant enlightenment/Excitement, righteousness unite I'm liking it/Give up the fight, true delight is ripping the might ignite your sight the flame is bright intimately slicing dicing/Like pizza slices zeitgeist of crisis and prices I might just breathe some prana into the lifeless and turn curses to gifts/Turn with the shift or jump in the shift searching for something to spit, living to work and working to live/Never know what reality is/Reality making a salary burning a calorie charging a battery finding a final strategy for the apathy of humanity/Dancing it trantrically you're understanding me daggers handle my fantasy/Finding the man in me that I plan to be seeking amnesty from calamity/Please just help me age of wealthy taking selfies on a celly/So I turn to your beauty and let it melt me...

[Hook- Mama Crow]

I'm taken aback and feeling forsaken as I awaken/A new sensation I have to erase being complacent/Keeping pace and being patient cuz our love is ancient/Lost in your soul but I still know where my day went/Sparking a revelation for every generation/Living a mysterious ineffable equation/So take a break from the idea of progress/In the west creating stress for the worst and the best/In this mess of success it pays to be a pest/But you know you're bless and you better settle nothing less/In a quest of no question or second guesses/I bring symbols and meaning, like hieroglyphic sketches/Etching messages into walls, before society falls/And evolves beyond urban sprawls/Listen as the crow calls/Dissolving all your laws, letting you take a pause...

[Bridge-end- Mama Crow]
Spirits low, spirits hi, touch my soul and slap my thigh
La-di-di-la-di-die- all this love just make me cry... cry.. cry...