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Supreme (prod. by SSQUIRE)

by Jackson Whalan



I collaborated with local producer SSQUIRE from my area in Western, MA on this one.

I had this rhyme written for a couple of years and I was trying it out on different beats, but when I heard this one it fell into pocket.

Lyrically, this song is about growth and developing confidence. There is an element of rapping, when the lyrics are not so much glued to a subject matter, but to the rhymes themselves; rapping for the sake of rhyming. The rap in this song is about having fun with words and developing the craft.




Hip Hop honorary rap until it's monetary
While these haters drop involuntarily commentary
I got a lot of adversaries to bury like Tom and Jerry
Preparing your prescription I'm a verbal apothecary
There is no corollary, clearly far from ordinary
Committing your life to this art is kinda sort of scary
A lot of rappers, they just end up in a mortuary
I'm repping the woods out in Western mass that's the torch I carry
Replenish your commissary with some ill vocabulary
I'm the voice that you didn't know was more than necessary
Mass to Big Apple these rappers, they can't grapple
Learning how to stop doubting yourself that's half the battle
I stay committed while these hobby rappers dabble
Fishing for success with these lines it's bait and tackle
I'm tearing through your territory like a pterodactyl
To break your ego down into fragments like a fractal cuz

This is for my people who fulfilling their dream
Stacking that cake and counting the cream
(That's right)
It's magnetic when I step on the scene
Cuz I keep it supreme

I'm gathering samples and beats for the next release
So I can leave you with some records when I rest in peace
These days I've been winning and facing less defeats
And my flow might test you so you best not cheat
Yo these lazy rappers just wanna sit back and win the raffle
Without putting in the work it's really got me baffled
Nonetheless, I'm staying positive that's a glass full
Plus I got the whole crowd going holy mackerel
I'm always leveling up like climbing up a scaffold
Leaving your whole crew bedazzled, mad frazzled
With all the small talk you can miss me
This beat is like New York City skyscraper with a chimney
But I still love it in these woods when I can just be
SSQUIRE on the beat keeping drums filthy
I've been setting goals and making choices swiftly
So I promise nothing's impossible when you're rolling with me

This is for my people who fulfilling their dream
Stacking thaat cake and counting the cream
(That's right)
It's magnetic when I step on the scene
Cuz I keep it supreme

(I keep it supreme)

(I keep it supreme)

(I keep it supreme

(I keep it supreme)

(That's right)

(That's right)


released December 9, 2022
Lyrics written and performed by Jackson Whalan
Produced, mixed and mastered by SSQUIRE


all rights reserved



Jackson Whalan

I rap and make beats to uplift.


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